Oct/Nov Dates

10/20/17 | Private Event

10/21/17 | RiverRock w/ Jason Jani (Brick, NJ)

10/22/17 | Private Event

10/28/17 | Private Event

11/3/17 | Private Event

11/4/17 | Private Event

11/11/17 | Private Event

11/18/17 | Private Event

11/22/17 | TGE @ Porta (Asbury Park, NJ)

11/24/17 | Private Event

11/25/17 | Private Event


From starting out being driven to events by his mom all over South Jersey – to making a name for himself in the central PA market as a nightlife DJ while attending college – to rocking over 750 weddings all over Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas – Nick Spinelli has helped thousands of people rock over the past ten plus years as a full time DJ.  .

Nick, born and raised in South Jersey, started DJing just about 13 years ago and quickly fell in love with the art of making people dance.  His style is about using the artistic approach to the craft without the endless cheese often associated with wedding djs.

Holding down residencies while making his mark in the wedding industry, it’s safe to say Nick is not your average DJ. His hands on experience spans a universe of experience in the DJ industry.  While staying true to a multi dimensional style that can be adapted to the best needs of the experience at hand.

Nick has spent years perfecting his craft not only in the field, but formally as a Certified Official Scratch DJ. He was in the first graduating class out of Philadelphia, Scratch Academy – mentored by world renowned turntablist legends like COSMO BAKER, RICH MEDINA, DJ SAT-ONE, & DJ ROYALE.

As of 2017, Nick Spinelli is exclusively available via the SCE Event Group for all event reservations after parting from a company he was employed for over 7 years.  If you google him, you will find tons of content, media and reviews from his past before he joined the SCE family.






Official Scratch DJ